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China Boqi Environmental Protection (Holding) Co.,Ltd ( “the Company”, Stock Code: 02377.HK), listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, is a leading company in the ecological environmental treatment industry, whose main shareholders including natural person shareholders, Sinopec, Yunnan Energy Investment, JIC Investment, Russia-China Investment Fund and other  strategic investors and financial investors.


Beijing Boqi Electric Power Science and Technology Co., Ltd (“Beijing Boqi”), the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, founded in June 2002 with RMB 400 million, is a leading independent flue gas treatment integrated services provider in China. Beijing Boqi is a professional company providing environmental protection solutions on flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and dust removing. Beijing Boqi have obtained environmental engineering design qualification (Level A), power transmission and transformation design qualification (Level B), municipal water supply and drainage design qualification (Level B) and environmental protection engineering contractor qualification (First Class). Including technology research and development, project investment, design, construction, operation and maintenance, Beijing Boqi provides integral service in Engineering Procurement Construction, Operation and Maintenance, concession operation and others modes, focusing on “Green Island” service.


We keep good business relations with every power generation group, local power generation enterprise, large-scale energy company and overseas contractor. As the key enterprise in power environmental protection industry in China, we have undertaken about 100 projects, covering almost 30 administrative regions including provinces, cities and municipalities. We have also explored oversees market and undertook more than 10 desulfurization and denitrification projects in Turkey, Serbia, Vietnam, Sultan and Venezuela. As of the end of 2018, we have undertaken total 275 desulfurization unit sets with 119 million kw cumulative capacity, among which 240 unit sets in operation with 104 million kw in operation and total 84 denitrification unit sets with 26 million kw cumulative capacity, separately reduce 36 million ton SO2 and 160,000 ton NOx every year. According to the Environmental Protection Industry Registration Information of Thermal Power Plants in 2018 issued by China Electricity Council, Beijing Boqi are among the best in the industry as measured by cumulative capacity in operation.


We have established an enterprise technology center and a post-doctoral research station, both of which are recognized by the Beijing Municipality Government. We and our projects were also awarded as the first batch of national recognized high-tech enterprises, Zhongguancun Science Park Innovative Pilot Enterprise, Zhongguancun National High-tech Industry Standardization Demonstration Zone Construction Advanced Unit. We have been focusing on the research and innovation of environmental protection technology and committed to create quality and safe projects. As of the end of 2018, we have applied for 100 patents and owned 62 patents and 6 computer software copyrights in China, and 2 patents outside of China. We had established 9 standards either as chief editor or as participating editor. With reliable environmental protection technology, we could provide complete independent design and projects. Our independently-developed advanced technologies “ZFD flue gas pollution control technology” Green Island flue gas treatment integrated with various flue gas pollution control technologies, successfully applied to Nanshan Group Yili Power Plant, shangxi Yuguang BOT Project, Shanghai Petrochemical Project and Hebei Jinxi Steel Project. Many projects, such as in Taishan, Daihai, Shangdu, Ninghai, Waigaoqiao, Beicang, Chaohu, Kaifeng, Beijiang, Xinyang, Hanchuan and Liuheng won the honor of “China Power  Quality Engineering Award”, “National Quality Project Award”, “Luban Prize” and “National Important Environmental  Protection Practical Technology Demonstration Award”.


Recently, leveraging the environmental protection development opportunities, especially the policy trend of third-party treatment of environmental pollution advocated by the State, Beijing Boqi expanded its business from power industry to non-power fields (including steel, petrochemical, metallurgical, coal chemical industry, etc), as well as further improved the proportion of concession operation and O&M business. Meanwhile, Beijing Boqi enter the fields of industrial sewage treatment, solid waste treatment and disposal, soil pollution restoration, energy conservation and environmental protection through technical cooperation, strategic cooperation, investment, merger and acquisition.


In the future, we will enhance our core competitiveness and contribute to the pollution prevention and control and energy conservation in China and around the world. We are committed to becoming a world-class environmental industrial group and integrated environmental solutions service provider.