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  •  Beijing Boqi was awarded the National Electric Power Quality  Engineering

     Award  in 2010 for its  construction of desulfurization facilities in Beilun

     and Kaifeng   

     Beijing Boqi received its  first overseas denitrification project

  • Beijing Boqi won the Lu Ban Award for its construction of the Datang

    Xinyang  desulfurization  facilities

    Beijing Boqi obtained its first overseas urea hydrolysis project

  • Hebei Hengshui denitrification project undertaken by Beijing Boqi, which  

    achieved a denitrification rate of  94%, our highest denitrification rate

    achieved so  far

  • Chongqing Qineng desulfurization project(2*330MW) undertaken by  Beijing

    Boqi went through 168  trial operation, with a desulfurization rate of 99.75%,

    a project achieving high  efficiency desulfurization and meeting the minimal

    emission standard of  SO2 using high sulfur coal

    Beijing Boqi obtained its  first overseas project of washing flue gas by using

    seawater to remove sulfur  dioxides in the flue gas

    Beijing Boqi obtained its  first low-low temperature dust removal project 

  • Beijing Boqi contracted its first flue gas treatment green island  project

    Beijing Boqi obtained the  certification of “Key Hi-Tech Enterprises of China”

    and was accredited as the  key hi-tech enterprises of the National Torch

    Plan for the first time

  • Beijing Boqi  undertook its first Green Island ultra-low emission concession

    operation project

  • Beijing Boqi entered into the Cooperation Framework Agreement and  Yangxi

    Management Services  Agreement with Guangdong Huaxia Electric and Yangxi


    Beijing Boqi signed a  framework agreement concerning joint expansion of

    coal pollution emission  control market in India with an Indian MBPL company

    Pingwei Phase II Desulfurization Project undertaken by  Beijing Boqi was

     awarded the “China Power  Quality Engineering Award 2016

     Sinopec invested in the  Company as an investor

  • Established Boqi Environmental Remediation, a joint venture leveraging our  core

    strengths in project  execution and networking to conduct environmental service

    business such as  soil remediation and solid waste treatment

  • China Boqi Environmental (Holding) Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange