Green Island

viewed: 日期:2018/10/30 15:43:09

“Green Island”  refers to the integrated flue gas treatment system synergic treatment of flue  gas pollutants produced by the boilers of coal-fired power plants, including  denitrification, desulfurization, dust removal (dry dust removal, wet dust  removal, low-low temperature dust removal), induced-draft fan system, and  reheating system. The aforesaid devices are combined and integrated according to  the characteristics of the flue gas of the boilers to treat the flue gas  pollutants in a most effective, lowest energy consumption and low investment  cost way.

To continue to improve our  competitiveness, we have gradually transformed our business model from  stand-alone desulfurization and denitrification services to coordinated  treatment business named “Green Island” for coal-fired power plant. We provide  to our customers with the integrated solution “Flue Gas Green Island”, which  applies our advanced proprietary flue gas pollution control technology focusing  on flexible combination, high efficiency, energy-saving, coordinated treatment  and ultra-clean emission. At present, we have established track records of  construction and operation of several “ultra-low emission” Green Island  projects. Meanwhile, we are well prepared to introduce other technologies for  treatment of flue gas pollutants, including those in relation to SO3,  mercury and metallic oxide.