"Polaris Cup" Top Ten Flue Gas Treatment Enterprises Award Ceremony

viewed: 日期:2020/3/12 17:11:20

On November 21, 2019 "Polaris Cup" top ten flue gas treatment enterprises award ceremony was successfully concluded in Beijing Pullman hotel. More than 100 enterprises representatives and industry leaders from the flue gas treatment industry attended the ceremony.

2019 "the Polaris Cup" top ten flue gas treatment enterprises including ten categories, there were total more than 300 companies to participated in, nearly 200 companies were selected. Beijing Boqi was awarded two honor of "Top Ten Steel Desulfurization Enterprise" and "Top Ten Steel Denitrification Enterprise".

At the same time, it also held "the Second Industrial Flue Gas Deep Treatment Peak Forum". Mr. Lu Jing, vice president of Beijing Boqi, attended the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "introduction of ultra-low emission technology in the steel industry".


He shared industrial concerned questions, such as Boqi steel desulfurization and denitrification technology applications, process route, process features and operating costs. He said in recent two or three years, Boqi has achieved excellent results in flue gas field in the non-power industry, especially the steel flue gas treatment, in the future, Boqi expects to contribute great efforts to the flue gas treatment.