China Boqi Holds 2016 Business Activities Summary and 2017 Operating Management Conference

viewed: 日期:2017/4/12 17:04:25

       On April  8th, 2017, China Boqi  held 2016 Business Activities Summary and 2017 Operating Management Conference  in Beijing. There were in total over 80 persons attended this conference,  including company leaders, department general managers (DGM, GM Assistants and  secondary sector directors) and project managers. The vice president Mr. Yan  Bngli hosted this conference.

      In the morning of April  8th, vice president and CFO Ms. Cao Xiaoping firstly made a report on  China Boqi 2016 Business Activities Analysis. She gave summary and  analysis for 2016 business situation. During the decreasing market price and  strategic transformation testing period, we have made outstanding achievements  in 2016 and kept stable production and financial situation.

      The year of 2017 will be a  crucial year for our company’s development. We will seize the listing  opportunity; consider benefits as the center; motive by market development;  insist in the principle of “leading in technology, cost and service” and make  our company to be the top level integral environmental industry group. We will  comprehensively promote the company’s business and management level to ensure  the annual objective finished and establish solid foundation for  great-leap-forward development.

      Mr. Cheng Liquan, the company  chairman, gave high compliment for our work in 2016. He gave us the important  direction for our company development: seize the strategic opportunity of the  state “ultra low emission”, “the third party treatment” and “the Belt and Road”;  occupy the domestic market and expand the overseas market; optimize the  industrial structure and transform the development mode; promote the development  quality; increase the capital operation by introducing strategic investment and  acquisitions; expand the non-electric system environmental protection market and  increase the R&D investment to provide technology support for market  expanding. He hopes that we can unite as one to face with the new challenges.  

      In the afternoon of April  8th, we organized 2017 O&M and EPC projects team ability  promoting and difficult affairs coordination seminar. The experts were invited  in the seminar to give instructions for the primary registered construction  engineer examination.

      In 2017, we have strong belief  that we will accomplish the annual objective under the leadership of board of  directors.