O&M Business Center Hold the Second Session Professional Skill Competition

viewed: 日期:2015/8/10 17:27:44

 From  July 15th to 18th, 2015, O&M Business Center hold “The  Second Session Maintenance and Electric Heating Professional Skill Competition  in Anshun Operation and Maintenance project department. This competition was a  positive response to the aim of “Service Brings Benefits and Profession Wins  Trust” put forward by the O&M Business Center. It stimulated the staff to  learn the knowledge and skills. The theory and practice training were also  conducted.

 Each project actively took part in this  competition. The participants fully showed their skills and talent in the  furious race. The competition contains theory questions, preparation work,  practice, site-clearing, checking and acceptance. Contestants showed not only  their flexible ability to settle problems but also their high level skills. They  actively devoted into the race ignoring making mistakes.

 The first 3 of maintenance specialty are: Xu  Lipeng from Jinggangshan O&M project, Xia Tianfu from Huaiyin O&M  project and Li Bin from Anshun O&M project. the first 3 of electric heating  specialty are: Wang Lin from Wangqu O&M project, Guo Yuning from Yangcheng  O&M project and Xu Tailiang from Jinggangshan O&M project. In this  competition, Jinggangshan and Wangqu gave us a deep impression on their safe  production and quality control.

    This competition not only showed our  staff’s vitality and actively learning attitude but also strengthen the mutual  communication between staff. It established a good basis for the future  development of operation and maintenance work.