Conference of Business Summary in 2018 and Business Management in 2019 Successfully Held

viewed: 日期:2019/12/6 17:09:48

On March 31, 2019, the Group's conference of business summary in 2018 and business management in 2019 were held in Mercure Beijing Downtown Hotel. The meeting summarized and reviewed the group's business management work in 2018, analyzed and evaluated the business situation, and comprehensively planed the 2019 business strategy, business objectives and key work plans.


Mr. Cheng Liquan, chairman of the Group, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Mr. Zeng Zhijun, vice chairman and chief executive officer of the Group, and Ms. Cao Xiaoping, vice president and chief financial officer of the Group, respectively made the report of "China Boqi's Business Plan and Key Work Arrangement in 2019" and "Analysis of China Boqi's Business Activities in 2018".


2018 has been a year of significant milestone for the group. We have continued to maintain a good development trend in face of sharp fluctuations in global economy, profound economy adjustments in China, negative impacts from the US-China trade war, slowing domestic and foreign demand, and losses in the real economy. The Group was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 16 March 2018. We have won the bid of new projects in steel, metallurgy, petrochemical and other non-electric industries. EPC, O&M and concession operation business were conducted smoothly. Steady progress was made in the integration of industry and capital. The business structure has been transformed successfully. And we have abundant funds and good financial condition.


In 2019, the Group will continue to follow the concept of "be leading in technology, cost and execution" and implement the "results-oriented" management method to build a comprehensive environmental protection industry group. We will accelerate the pace of enterprise merger and acquisition and actively participate in solid waste, sewage, soil and other new fields to complete the annual "11 key works".


After listening to the report, Mr. Cheng pointed out that the successful listing of the Group marked the group has embarked on a new journey full of opportunities and challenges. Under the current economic situation, the group should give full play to the capital advantages and shareholder advantages, achieve significant improvement in business transformation and management, and comprehensively improve its core competitiveness.

Subsequently, the conference held the signing ceremony of the 2019 business objective. Mr. Zeng, on behalf of the group, signed the 2019 business objective statement with each business department.


Market changes brought greater challenges for the Group. We will focus on the key works of the next year to create new brilliance together. This meeting was host by Mr. Lu Jing, vice President of the Group. There are total 285 employees in Beijing attended the meeting.