Boqi Company Wins Hangli Cogen Ultra Low Emission Transformation Project

viewed: 日期:2017/1/25 16:44:44

          Recently, depending  our excellent technology plan and service, Boqi Company successfully won  Zhejiang Lishui Hangli Cogen Company Ltd flue gas treatment ultra low emission  project. It was a good start for this New Year.

      This project adopts EPC  construction mode. The flue gas desulfurization device adopts our high efficient  and advanced limestone-gypsum wet technology. It was designed 2 desulfurization  towers for 5 boilers. The wet electric precipitation system was designed to add  to the desulfurization tower. After desulfurization and wet dust removal  equipment system treatment, the flue gas could meet the standards required: dust  ≤5mg/Nm3 and SO2≤35mg/Nm3. This ultra low  emission transformation project will effectively reduce the emission of  SO2, NOX and dust.