China Boqi Wins Yangcheng International #5 and #6 Units Desulfurization Ultra Low Emission

viewed: 日期:2017/1/25 16:45:29

        At the beginning of  the New Year, Boqi Electricity won another project, the Yangcheng International  Electricity Company Ltd #5 and #6 units (2*350MW) flue gas desulfurization ultra  low emission project.

      This project, in EPC generation  contracting mode, which was planning to transform Yangcheng International 2*350  MW “W” type flame furnace coal fired units to realize ultra low emission. It  will adopt Boqi Advanced efficient spraying tower technology. Under the  condition of 4500mg/Nm3 SO2 concentration, it will realize  desulfurization efficiency not lower than 99.3% and SO2 emission concentration  not higher than 35 mg/Nm3 after the transformation.  

      In addition, Boqi will adopt  scientific and efficient construction management plan with high quality talents  team. With the construction quality and safety ensured, the construction period  of two sets system will not exceed 60 days.