China Boqi Holds 2017 First Session Safe Educational Training

viewed: 日期:2017/2/20 16:59:23

       On February  6th, 2017, China Boqi  held the 3 days safe educational training at the first conference  room of  Beijing Head Office. There were over 30 participants attended this  meeting  coming from Safe and  quality management department, project management center, EPC project managers  and site managers.

      The vice president Mr. Ma  Xuexiang attended this training. He said that we have made great achievements on  safe and quality management in 2016. This depended on all of our staff’s  efforts. He also required us to work in high responsibility in the future;  increase the checking in violation behaviors; timely found and reform the  existing potential safe and quality hazard; do not ignore the problems in safe,  quality and process. He said that he will continue to support the safe and  quality work in the future.

      The safe director Mr. Zhang  Xioadong gave a lecture on project material management and safe and quality  management knowledge. He detailly describe the common problems, the reason and  rectification measures. He required that the material management should follow  up the project process. Combining examples, he introduced the domestic  environmental project cases and explained the safe management knowledge,  absorbing tower fire accidents reason and prevention measures. Through data  analysis and video course, he deeply analyzed the accidents reasons and  prevention measures during the construction process.

      Antiseptic quality manager Mr.  Zhang Hanyu, who has rich experience, specified the safe and quality  responsibilities for the managers and projects departments. He shared 4 quality  accident cases in the antiseptic projects to better understand the common  quality problems and prevention measures. For the 2017 project quality  management work plan, he gave a detail introduction.

      The quality manager Mr. Wang  Chongliang’s lecture was more practicable. He used a lot of site pictures to  explain the matrix surface treatment, scaffold building, derusting by sandblast  and so on. This was a rare quality lesson to learn.

      Safe manager Mr. Zhang Enbo  introduced the project safe management laws and regulations and safe management  knowledge combining the domestic safe management form and accident cases. He  conveyed the state safe management idea and spirit; explained the clauses that  related to our company, especially on the concepts of illegal command,  compelling illegal work, crime of major liability accidents and crime of major  labor safe accidents. He strengthened that the participants should observe the  laws. At last, he put forward his advices on the safe problem in EPC projects.  

      The lecturers in the training  combined the theory and practice and gave us a thorough and detailed lecture.  The participants learned a lot from this training.