Our Company Takes Part in the Rope Skipping Contest and Wins First Prize

viewed: 日期:2017/3/17 17:00:19

        On March  10th, we took part in  the rope skipping contest held by Fengtai Science and Technology Park. There  were individual game and team game. Over 40 companies and in total 200 persons  took part in this contest.

      Our players have done a lot of  practice before the contest. In the contest, we skipped 65 times in 2 minutes to  won the first prize. This is the best results we achieved in the  games.

      We have 5 female employees  participated the individual game. The other 6 female employees and two male took  part in the collective game. They are from production technology department,  designing institute, business plan department, financial department, technology  economic department, safe quality management department, project management  center and president office.

      Our players showed the unity and  struggling spirit of our company.