China Boqi Organizes 2017 Spring Planting Trees Activity

viewed: 日期:2017/4/5 17:03:35

       On April  1st, we organized  volunteer planting trees activity. The vice president Mr. Lu Jing and president  assistant Mr. Shao Guangzong attended this activity.

      At 9:00 in the  morning, we arrived in the tree planting base. The staff in the base gave us a  detail explanation on planting and safety affairs. Two people organized a team  and started to plant. We cooperated with each other very well in planting,  watering and digging. In a short time, rows of cypress appeared in front of us.  We tied up our wishing cards on the trees hoping these trees could thrive fast.  

      The leaders  also gave evaluation for the trees: Yuan Ye and Feng Guangliang from president  office got the first prize; Deng Yang from designing institution, Mou Zongyan,  Cui Hua from production technology and Wang Huifang from marketing center got  the second prize; Yang Xi from HR, Wang Jinlong, Zhao Yan from O&M center  and Zhao Xuan from marketing center got the third prize. Later, the team went to  Linghui Mountain to enjoy the spring scenery.

      We wish our company just like the  cypresses we planted today to grow up and thrive.