China Boqi 2019 Project Safety Management Training Successfully Held

viewed: 日期:2019/12/6 17:09:21

From March 22 to 23, the Safety and Quality Management Department organized the safety production training on the first conference room. A total of 22 safety professionals participated in this training.


The purpose of this training is to further improve the management quality and professional skills of safety management personnel in each project department and strengthen their communication and coordination ability. It is of great significance for the safety management personnel of each project.


On the first day, the training activity was a course on how to avoid the criminal legal risk caused by safety accident, from which the participants learned a lot. On the second day, the training included the safe practice and how to deal with the problems, the safety management practice and innovation, the basic knowledge of safety management training, the practice of safety management and the key work, safety management method, etc. Finally, the participants took an examination about this training.


Mr. Zeng, vice chairman and chief executive officer, delivered a speech at the training meeting, pointing out that the company has made great achievements in safety management in 2018. Safety is no small matter, we should always be aware of unexpected dangerous, and we should pay high attention to safety production. Boqi is a big family, where we need communication, exchange, mutual help and understanding. Finally, I wish we can make good performance in safety management in 2019.


 The safety management training was held very successfully. It has comprehensively improved their professional skills for safety professionals, enhanced their mutual communication among various projects, strengthened their communication and coordination ability, and it also laid a solid foundation for further improving the safety and stability of the company.