“Boqi Environmental Protection Cup” the First Session Successfully Held

viewed: date:2018/10/31 11:21:29

The  First Session “Boqi Environmental Protection Cup” Undergraduates Energy  Conservation and Emission Reduction Social Practice and S&T Contest was  closed in Zhejiang University on December 6th.  Cen Kefa, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of Education  Department Energy and Power Subject Guidance Council, dean and professor of  Zhejiang University Machine and Energy Institute; Tao Wenquan, academician of  Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor of Xian Jiaotong University; Kang Kai,  director of Education Ministry Higher Education Department Office; and Wu  Shuzhi, the vice president of China Boqi Environmental Protection S&T  (Holding) Company Ltd attended the closing ceremony and awarded for the  students.

      This  contest is the important part of “School Action” in Education Ministry  “Environmental Protection by All”. The over 3000 participants included  undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students. Almost 500 entries are  coming from 26 provinces and municipalities including Tibet. This is the first  session energy conservation and emission reduction contest carried out in  universities. It combined the social practice with scientific and technological  innovation. It reflected the increasing public environmental protection  awareness.

      The  students explored in energy, machine, biology, economy, agriculture, law and  other subjects, especially in the theme of “energy conservation and emission  reduction”, including greenhouse gas reduction, power energy saving and refuse  reclamation. It reflected the passion of undergraduates for environmental  protection, deep thinking and bold practice. It was an actual “Environmental  Protection by All” activity.

      The  enterprises should not only create wealth for the society but also bear  responsibilities. China Boqi has been devoted to China and the world  environmental protection career development. We advocated the idea of “protect  our environment from petty things”. We also pay much attention on the public  welfare including education and environment.

      This  contest is intended to foster the teenagers’ environmental protection awareness,  innovation ability and team work spirit, broaden their scientific vision and  promote their ability in innovation design, projects practice and social  researching. Meanwhile, this contest will increase the connection between  education and industry.