Boqi Company Donates 200,000 RMB to Disaster Areas

viewed: date:2018/10/16 6:16:17

The  freezing rain and snow disasters attacked seriously some areas of China  recently. The leaders and staff of Boqi Company have Raised RMB 200,000 in one  day to donate to the disaster areas. They proved the saying “Blizzard is  ruthless but love is everywhere”.  

      On February 5th, Ms.  Lin Xiuqing, the company supervisor and chairman of the labor union, and Ms.Xie  Wen, the deputy director of the president office and secretary general, came to  Beijing City Fengtai District Charity Association. They presented the money to  Ms.Peng Zengfen, the vice president of the Charity Association. Ms.Lin Xiuqing  said that, we have known that the people in southern disaster areas suffered a  lot due to the freezing rain and snow. Our company leaders and staff paid much  attention for them and donated to the people in disaster. As the influential  company in the industry, Boqi Company will bear social responsibilities  especially in charity. Ms.Peng Zengfen expressed her gratitude for Boqi Company  on behalf of the government and people in disaster. She said charity not only  needs the support from the country but also the social organizations and the  enterprises.

      During this donation, including  company leaders and staff and Japan Deloitte auditors, there are in total 331  persons taking part in and 200,620 RMB raised. The Charity Association will use  the money to buy water and food for the people in disaster  areas.