Boqi Company Holds Together to Help Earthquake Relief Work

viewed: date:2018/10/31 11:16:49

It  has been one month long from “5.12” Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake. The rescue and  rebuilding work is increasing. The fresh and green plant has been grown from the  ruin. The people are starting new life.

       China Boqi showed great love for the people in the earthquake. We donate to  the people in the first time. On May 22nd, under the leadership of Labor Union  Chairman Lin Xiuqing and President Office vice Director Xie Wen, we presented  the donation money to Beijing City Fengtai District Red Cross. The company  leaders and the whole staff gave great support for the donation. We have raised  RMB 1,700,000 to the people in disaster areas. 780 persons participated in the  donation, in which the company donated RMB 1 million, the directors donated RMB  368,000 and the employees donated RMB 331,000. In addition, Kaifeng project  department donated RMB 2160 to the local Red Cross.

       On the donation ceremony, President Lin said that the contribution money of  Boqi will used in the reconstruction work of Sichuan earthquake disaster area.  The Red Cross also planned to build a Boqi Environmental Protection Science and  Technology Primary School or a Boqi Environmental Protection Geracomium. The  primary school will help with the children who lost their parents to continue to  study. The geracomium will take care of the old who lost their children for a  better life.

       We also donated for our colleagues and their families whose hometown is in  Sichuan Disaster Areas. On the donation ceremony, the president Mr.Bai Yunfeng  expressed his solicitude and appreciation for them. He said that those  colleagues whose families are in disaster areas, some of them are out for  business trip and some are losing connection with their families, but they are  still working. Your spirit is our power and impetus. Biqo will develop fast  because of you and Boqi is your strong backing. Some colleagues who got the  contribution money donated it again for the people in disaster  areas.